How to Role Play a Player Killer

Usually people assume player killers, or commonly referred to as pkers, are young, prepubescent teens with a complete disregard for the game environment or other players around them; this stereotype is perpetuated by those that lack the ability to successfully role play as a player killer and also the angered individuals you might have killed along your quest to infamy.When killing another player usually players will degrade one another and let the victim know just how much he sucks or is getting “owned”. This is not necessary as the player can look at his health and make a rational conclusion that he is getting his assed handed to him. So, while you are killing this person make your kill quick and efficient. There is no point in rubbing it in as this will only delay the kill which could lead to outside influences such as his friends or others attacking you in this added time, or perhaps npcs (non player characters) could enter the equation and turn the tides of the battle. When killing your opponent you may have a signature saying however, or something to make your kill style unique from the rest. Common examples of this are tea bagging, corpse humping, dancing over their dead body, or a clever catch phrase like “Just Business”; the use of teabagging, corpse humping and dancing are very generic so you will want to use this celebration sparingly if at all. However, I feel unique clothing/avatar, example bright neon clothes will be memorable to your victim as well as your catch phrase.Killing is part of the game, at least part of the server you chose!, so understand that every player likes the act of pvp, player versus player; but also realize the player enjoys the thrill of pking, and at times even being pked. We are player killers though, not griefers, camp spawners, or power hungry children; we kill for the thrill of the chase and the tear of joy that rolls down our cheek as our opponent takes a dirt nap. The real fun is in the hunt and the kill shot. What you do after this kill shot usually determines your status quo in the player killer world. Think of the most feared or best player killer you knew/know. Were they feared because they talked the most trash? I guarantee the answer is no. They were feared because you knew they were PLAYER KILLERS, not griefers, or smack-talkers. They have one goal and one focus…to kill you.So now that you have successfully killed your prey you can choose what path to take. You can proceed to tea-bag his corpse, and dry loot (depending on the game), followed by res killing or corpse camping and a healthy round of Elite ownage speak…or you can simply say nice fight, or good try and move on to the next victim. Perhaps you can be as classy and marketing savy as the great Adam Ant from old school Ultima Online. His signature was leaving a red bandana…forcing his victims to wear it or face the consequences upon their next meeting. Whether it’s a clever catch phrase, or a signature of some type, player killers with class and style are the names echoed in virtual eternity and not the guy spamming NEWB!

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